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    • Mission of the institute

      The existing hierarchical IP addressing system on the Internet was built in the middle of the last century on the principles of mail forwarding. It is extremely vulnerable to modern technical threats and does not meet the requirements of the fourth generation technologies that are the foundation of the industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

      Development of the existing IT landscape to support the next stage of the industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

      Dissemination of knowledge about the structure and principles of the Internet.

      Development, implementation and support of a new model of the Internet -an alternative to the existing hierarchical system of management and distribution of domain names and addresses.

      Preparing the transition from a hierarchical Internet system to a new distributed, democratic system with equal rights and freedoms for all in governance and access to information on the Internet.

      Institute Projects

      IPvX Blockchain Registry

      IPvX Blockchain Registry

      Creating a decentralized blockchain registry of domain names and numbers.

      Creation of a new IPvX network protocol standard, based on the blockchain registry and IPv6 network protocol.

      Creating a network of IPvX blockchain nodes on the platform of the existing Local Internet Registries (LIR) system.

      You can find presentation – here!

      Presentation about IPvX  – here!

      The Internet in Science and Education

      The Internet in Science and Education

      Educational program on the principles of the World Wide Web for schools and institutions of higher education.

      An educational program on the fundamentals of the World Wide Web for government employees.

      Legal nature of the Internet resources

      Legal nature of the Internet resources

      How IP addresses and DNS may be described as subjects of law

      Who owns Internet resources, may they be considered ‘property’

      Legal limitations for transfers and payments of the Internet resources

      Possible regulation of the Internet resources by international law instruments

      VPN Generator

      VPN Generator

      We create a service, that makes it free and simple to create a small VPN service for any
      active user of the internet and then spread it between their friend and family.

      Go to the VPN Generator website for details.

      Presentation here



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      February 5, 2024

      The Downfall of the Runet, possible scenarios.

      30 January 2024 – A massive outage affecting all national domain zones of Runet drew the attention of experts from around the world to the problem of the resilience of the existing Internet infrastructure, and in particular to the critical technology responsible for its security, such as DNSSEC. In this article, I would like to […]

      October 13, 2023

      The Evolution of Internet Addressing: From DNS to Distributed Resolvers in the IPvX Ecosystem.

      A. Introduction to the Domain Name System (DNS): Established in the last century, the Domain Name System (DNS) remains a critical part of the Internet [1]. The DNS acts as a registry on the global network. For example, it translates human-readable names such as “example.com” into IP addresses that computers use to identify each other […]

      July 7, 2023

      Latest report on the work completed at the Private Institute

      We’re proud to present our latest report on the work completed at the Private Institute for the Development of Public Digital Networks ([IEDN](https://iedn.net)). Thanks to our efforts, we’ve made significant strides in accomplishing our mission of creating strong, independent, and free internet communities. Discover the details of our accomplishments and future plans in our report. […]

      May 31, 2023

      How to combat Disinformation in Countries with Heavy Censorship

      🔓🌐 In today’s world flooded with information, it is essential to tackle disinformation, myths, and outright propaganda. Learn how the Private Institute for the Development of Public Digital Networks (IEDN) is empowering Russian citizens to access uncensored information. 🔧🔑 Oleg Basistyy, COO of IEDN’s “VPN Generator” project, will showcase a solution that may help millions […]

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