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    • Mission of the institute

      The existing hierarchical IP addressing system on the Internet was built in the middle of the last century on the principles of mail forwarding. It is extremely vulnerable to modern technical threats and does not meet the requirements of the fourth generation technologies that are the foundation of the industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

      Development of the existing IT landscape to support the next stage of the industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

      Dissemination of knowledge about the structure and principles of the Internet.

      Development, implementation and support of a new model of the Internet -an alternative to the existing hierarchical system of management and distribution of domain names and addresses.

      Preparing the transition from a hierarchical Internet system to a new distributed, democratic system with equal rights and freedoms for all in governance and access to information on the Internet.

      Institute Projects

      IPvX Blockchain Registry

      IPvX Blockchain Registry

      Creating a decentralized blockchain registry of domain names and numbers.

      Creation of a new IPvX network protocol standard, based on the blockchain registry and IPv6 network protocol.

      Creating a network of IPvX blockchain nodes on the platform of the existing Local Internet Registries (LIR) system.

      You can find presentation – here!

      The Internet in Science and Education

      The Internet in Science and Education

      Educational program on the principles of the World Wide Web for schools and institutions of higher education.

      An educational program on the fundamentals of the World Wide Web for government employees.

      Legal nature of the Internet resources

      Legal nature of the Internet resources

      How IP addresses and DNS may be described as subjects of law

      Who owns Internet resources, may they be considered ‘property’

      Legal limitations for transfers and payments of the Internet resources

      Possible regulation of the Internet resources by international law instruments

      VPN Generator

      VPN Generator

      We create a service, that makes it free and simple to create a small VPN service for any
      active user of the internet and then spread it between their friend and family.

      Presentation here


      March 10, 2023

      IPvX Ecosystem: An Overview of the Next-Generation Network Architecture and Components

      I.    Introduction Welcome to this article on IPvX, a revolutionary project currently being developed by the Private Institute for the Development of Public Digital Networks (IEDN). IPvX is a cutting-edge blockchain and smart contract-based network architecture designed to provide enhanced security and transparency, while also enabling new opportunities for network monetization and incentivization. In this […]

      August 10, 2022

      Tokenisation of the Internet address space. Transition from a hierarchical IP registry system to a decentralized system.

      Background The resources discussed here include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, autonomous systems, and data protocols. Currently there is a registry of IPv4 addresses that contains 4.3 billion entries, each of which is a 32 bit number written as a binary code, for example This is called an IPv4 address. This protocol is currently the […]

      June 10, 2022

      Secondary redistribution of the IP address space. Can the state help with this?

      One of the ways to support the development of the IT sector is to effectively use the existing address space of the IPv4 protocol. Currently, due to the rapid growth of information technologies and the large number of objects connected to the Internet, the IP addresses of the old but reliably functioning IPv4 protocol have […]

      April 12, 2022

      The problem of the impact of ipv4 deficit on the development of national and European it industry, and solutions.

      If we study in detail, where European buyers of IT services such as vpn, voip, vps, proxy and others, get the ip address necessary for their functioning, the search will inevitably lead us to large U.S. corporations, such as for example AWS, Google and others. Also the main providers of ip are the major international […]

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